About Us

We are a team of 4 final year B Com (Finance 2017 -2018) students from the Department of Commerce, St. Aloysius College Elthuruth Thrissur

Iyrin Tony

Iyrin dreams of a career in corporate sector. She likes Business Administration. Her world is surrounded with  Books, Music and Dancing.

Krishnapriya P A

Krishnapriya aspires to become an IPS officer. She is very active in NCC unit of the college. She likes to read books whenever she finds free time.

Emilin T J

Emilin looks forward to build up a career in Banking. She likes Cooking and Reading.

Alka Mariyam Andrews

Alka wants to become an academician. She likes teaching and to be with young students. She likes to travel a lot, explore new ideas and has a passion for dancing.

Our Story

We believe every idea is generated through different ways and this idea doesn’t come to you in a complete form. When you observe, you can see that the world is filled with abundant ideas which is still left to be explored. It is important that we open all our senses and find the courage to explore the ideas that come our way. The ideas that stimulate us to do something that would be useful for people around us . Sometimes people bump in and fill our minds with great ideas. We believe classroom is the best place where innovative ideas and dreams are generated. Teachers are one of the sources of stimulation that help us to create an idea and make it into a reality.

We must proudly admit that the main mastermind behind this innovative idea is from our dearest teacher Dr Libison K.B (Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, St. Aloysius College Elthuruth) who was generous enough and shared his idea inside the class room. That inspired us to initiate the idea of digitizing the semester question papers into a reality. This is the one and only website where you can find a bunch of question papers of B.Com,  an initiative that is helpful for the student community.